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Say Hello to Your Newest Entertainment Destination, the PY1 Pyramid



Recently launching its U.S. opening in North Texas, the city of Arlington was shaking at its foundation at the newest addition to the entertainment space that will exist for a limited time before moving on to its next location. PY1, an innovative, pyramid- shaped entertainment venue by Lune Rouge Entertainment is now up and running after a successful New Year’s debut. 

A physical envisionment of 2020 itself, the new decade is home to this highly technologically advanced venue in the states, following its initial inception in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2019. A multifunctional atmosphere, attendees will experience a plethora of different attractions and quests. PY1 includes ‘Through the Echoes,’ the first custom multimedia production for the pyramid, as well as ‘Stella’ – The time machine journey, a new show for the entire family.

After dark, PY1 will be presenting ‘PY1 Nights,’ a redefined nightlife experience. ‘PY1 Nights’ has its sights set on sweeping through January on an eclectic high. This month PY1 has already hosted Nicole Moudaber, LIMBO, Soul Clap, Sialaris, Destructo, and Chris Roze. Coming up this Saturday, January 18th, the thematic world of Karnival is brining in Guy Laliberte and special guest Laurence Matte. Raised in her bohemian grandparent’s house, filled with treasures collected from world travels and vinyl from across the continents she is truly a melting pot of influences. Harnessing this she creates dynamic, emotional soundscapes. Her music is responsive and fluid: it moves with the feeling of the crowd. PY1 is the ideal atmosphere for Laurence to show off her multitalented persona and fans are in for an incredible treat with her on board.

Honing in on the dream-like aspects of each and every feature PY1 offers, the adventurous and distinguishable twists make for a desirable must-do for North Texas visitors. A tangible manifestation of top-notch lighting, sound, and visual effects, the audiovisual appeal that bursts at the seams from PY1 is a spectacle of unmistakable proportions. 

PY1 offers a unique entertainment environment that can be enjoyed as a personal journey or with friends and family. Visitors are encouraged to let their curiosity run free and escape reality as they discover the mysteries that await all who enter the 81-foot tall pyramid extravaganza. 

Photos Courtesy of PY1 & PY1 Nights Facebook


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