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Sam Feldt’s Newest Music & Ventures [Interview]



Sammy Renders, or better known as Dutch superstar DJ Sam Feldt has already toured most of the world in his young life. With a mix of tropical house, deep, and electro-pop, Sam Feldt has been attracting a legion of loyal fans wherever he goes. His newest collaboration “You Should Know” is released on Sam Feldt’s own imprint Heartfeldt Records. It is a fantastic collaboration with none other than Fedde Le Grand and Craig Smart. Lucky for us we had the opportunity to ask him some question about his newest work.

The track is already a true DJ’s favorite, already supported by likes of Afrojack, R3HAB, Yves V, and many more. The track gives us an insatiable vibe with sturdy house beats. “You Should Know” moves into a characteristic chorus thanks to the strong melody. Craig’s soulful vocal piece perfectly completes this ensemble.

A sure-fire festival track at heart, the record underlines both artists’ ability to produce an irrisistable melody and strong dance rhythms. The collaborative piece outlines their abilities to build the perfect arrangement without losing their own styles. Add the beautiful vocal from Craig and you have an ideal mix for a mesmerizing post-summer tune. Read on for our interview with Sam about where his career began, new music, future plans & more.

Nocturnal Times: We last caught up with you for your set during our World On Pause Virtual Festival back in May – we all absolutely loved it!

Sam Feldt: That’s awesome, happy to be back!

Nocturnal Times: Just for fun, let’s jump back in time to get things started. Think back to the days when you first released the now timeless “Show Me Love.” Did you imagine that your life would turn out this way when you produced that track?

Sam Feldt: Not at all, I was just starting off as a bedroom producer back then and I never expected one of my first singles to blow up the way it has.

Nocturnal Times: What were a few standout moments that made you realize this is your calling? Was it through a festival booking, when you signed with Spinnin’, or even before that? Or, did you already know during the time when you went through nightlife as Dr. Papasov?

Sam Feldt: I always knew I wanted to become a big DJ and producer when I was young, I just never thought it was possible. Ever since I was 11 years old, it has been a hobby of mine to make and play electronic music. But it was only that, a hobby. The moment I signed to Spinnin’ Records was the first time I realized it could be more than that, and it could actually become my full-time career. I also remember getting booked for my first USA tour. Going overseas for the first time to play my music was definitely a standout moment for me!

Nocturnal Times: Congratulations on your new track “You Should Know” alongside Fedde Le Grand and Craig Smart! What exactly brought this particular trio together for the track?

Sam Feldt: Fedde and I had been talking about doing a collaboration together ever since last years’ Amsterdam Dance Event, where we performed at each others’ parties. We realized his groovy club-style would blend perfectly with my melodic vibes and after searching for the right vocal for some time we struck gold when I got sent the acapella for You Should Know by Craig Smart. We immediately went into the studio together and got cracking on the single that has now been released.

Nocturnal Times: Tell us about any particular meaning behind “You Should Know?” How did you come up with it, and was it difficult to work on something like this under the current global situation? In the video, we see you and Fedde together. How hard was this to pull off under the restrictions that currently apply?

Sam Feldt: It’s definitely more challenging to collaborate on a track when you cannot physically meet or join forces in the studio, as was the case in the beginning of the lockdown when we were working on the track. Via Skype, lots of calls, and sending voice memos back and forth we were able to finish the track during quarantine anyway. In the end, looking back at the process it was a lot of fun to collab in such a weird and different way. Luckily, after the track was finished, the restrictions in the Netherlands where we both lived loosened up a bit, so we were able to shoot the music video together outside!

Nocturnal Times: Are there any thoughts or plans in the works to release remixes of “You Should Know?” If so, any clues on who we can expect remixes from?

Sam Feldt: As of now, the original mix will be the only version of the track. We decided on this because the track already is suitable for club and festival play as it is.

Nocturnal Times: The pandemic has taken a tough toll on the music industry. How has it affected you personally and how do you deal with it? Since touring is not an option at the moment, where is your focus?

Sam Feldt: I launched my own record label Heartfeldt Records this year in March, just as the world was entering lockdown. I always try to see the bright side of things and since I’m not touring at the moment I have a lot of time and focus to work on the new imprint. Signing new artists, coming up with crazy marketing ideas, and of course working on my own music is taking up a lot of my time. Outside of that, my tech start-up Fangage (that offers fan platforms for artists and brands) is in the process of a big re-launch which is scheduled for October, so that takes up a lot of time too. Making sure the product is 110% ready when we launch, talking to our partners, signing up new clients, it’s a lot of fun! I’ve also launched my own line of supplements called, which also includes an anti-hangover product which I know many of us will need when the parties start happening again, haha!

Nocturnal Times: We’d love to hear your thoughts about one or two big world changes you have thought about that might take place post-pandemic?

Sam Feldt: Looking at the industry, I think a lot of event organizers will take a big hit and possibly not make it, which is such a shame. I think when we get back to normal, we will see fewer shows happening and also fewer international acts getting booked. But, I think in a few years the industry will bounce back and new initiatives, events, and organizers will take the place of the ones that will now go bankrupt due to the Corona crisis. Looking at the world more broadly, I hope the pandemic has learned us a few things, such as how important it is to care for nature, be there for each other and invest in healthcare.

Nocturnal Times: We see more often the music industry crossing paths with the movie industry. Famous actors for example like Idris Elbe, Kristian Nairn or Elijah Wood are crossing borders. You yourself had a massive hit with Jeremy Renner. So if you had the opportunity to cross border to the movie industry to play in a movie, what movie would it be and why?

Sam Feldt: Haha, good question! I’d love to play James Bond sometimes, even though I would have to go to the gym a little bit more!

Nocturnal Times: Last year we already talked a bit about the Heartfeldt foundation (a non-profit platform that promotes a sustainable lifestyle and a healthier planet by using ambassadors and influencers in sports, music, and entertainment). Can you tell our readers more about the goals you have achieved and what your plans are for the future?

Sam Feldt: Definitely, one of the biggest steps we’ve taken is launch Heartfeldt Records, which donates a percentage of royalties to the foundation and thus creates a continuous flow of funding for our sustainability projects. We have also started our very own Heartfeldt Forest in Costa Rica, where we save and plant trees when people listen to the tracks on our label. We believe the keyword of the future will be “local”, and looking at the future the foundation will have a strong focus on supporting educational and sustainability projects in local communities, with local ambassadors, all around the world.

Nocturnal Times: We made a post on instagram for our followers to have the opportunity to ask you a question. And the interesting question of the day comes from our friend Sebastiaan Hooft. He has the following question for you: How do you combine your life as a technology entrepreneur with the nightlife of a DJ?

Sam Feldt: To be honest, right now, this has gotten a lot easier, since nightlife has basically disappeared! But when I was still touring, I believe the keyword here is always “teamwork”. For every company I run or build, I make sure there is a great team that makes sure the day to day business runs smoothly on an operational level, so I can invest whatever time I have into building strategies that take the business to the next level.

Nocturnal Times: Looking forward to the future, where are a few cities and/or festivals you’d like to be your first tour stops back and why?

Sam Feldt: Woah, I’d just be grateful if I could do any show with a live audience at this point, haha! But I really can’t wait to get back to Las Vegas to play my residency there! Australia is also on the wishlist!


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