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Exotic Trio Moodshift Shows off Their “Chemistry” [Interview]

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Longtime friends Lucas Nord, Rasmus Flyckt, and Oliver Nelson made the life altering decision earlier this year to bring their combined musical expertise to light with their first joint venture, Moodshift. The trio’s uniquely curated sound is one that triggers emotions of all sorts, literally shifting listeners’ moods through each eclectic melody.

The rising musical trio has officially reached their peak with the release of their debut hit single “Chemistry,” a feel-good tune that has already charmed listeners from all over the globe. “Chemistry” offers an infectious blend of Moodshift’s pop-infused indie-electronica sound, a song full of exotic uplifting energy and heartfelt lyrics. The track kicks off with a subtle grooving rhythm, and as it progresses, those hypnotic deep house elements we just cannot get enough of begin to emerge.

As if the tune’s build up and melodic composition are not alluring enough, the underlying message behind its lyrics truly hit home. “Chemistry” is a song about love and human connection. It unveils that overwhelming and blissful feeling we all feel when we find someone who just gets us right from the start. The track opens up with the lyrics “never felt this chemistry, finally found that missing piece,” stirring listeners’ hearts wholeheartedly right from the get go.

Inspired by the moving sounds of electronic music mainstays like CamelPhat, Duke Dumont, and RÜFÜS DU SOL to name a few, Moodshift is surely on the right path of conquering the dance music industry with their unparalleled productions. With their combined genuine attitudes and positive outlook on life, we are certain the remainder of 2020 and beyond will bring nothing but grand success for the flourishing trio. We were able to chat with all three members of Moodshift, discussing all things “Chemistry” and the backstory of how the project came to be.

Read our full Q&A with the exciting trio below:

Nocturnal Times: Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us guys! When did you all meet and what led you to join forces and create Moodshift?

Moodshift: Thank you for having us! We all first met in high school like 10+years ago, but we weren’t super close at that time. We had always been fans of each other’s work, so towards the end of last year (2019), we decided to finally book a session to work together and it was magic from day one! We made our debut single the second session we ever had together and it was kind of set from there that we had to do something properly.

Nocturnal Times: How did the name Moodshift come about? Is there a story behind the name and the smiley face logo associated with it?

Moodshift: We had millions of different names flying around at the beginning, one more terrible than the other haha. We were working with different variations of “shift” because we felt it kind of represented the music in a good way. It’s happy, it’s sad, it’s a bit of everything. But i think it was Oliver that just came up with Moodshift and the logo at the same time and it just instantly clicked for all of us.

Nocturnal Times: How would you all describe your signature sound? What inspired you to go this route with your sound?

Moodshift: I think it’s just a mixture of what we all bring to the table and what happens naturally really. We never really decided at the start what this should be or what this project was supposed to sound like. We definitely all come from a Swedish pop background and we are very focused on writing something catchy and infectious. With that said, the three of us have also been involved in dance music for ages so this is a special blend of all of our influences that when put together we feel is very much us.

Nocturnal Times: You all share your own individual musical backgrounds as artists. Did you find it challenging to merge all of your distinct expertise and knowledge to become one at first?

Moodshift: Not at all. We definitely clicked in our first session together, so everything just kinda happened very quickly and naturally. The three of us just work really well musically and personally together. It’s not often you get that with other people, but it just feels very natural working together and it’s been like that since day one.

Nocturnal Times: We’d love to know more about your ‘Moodshift Monday’ mixes! When did the idea for this project come about and what’s the main concept behind the weekly mixes?

Moodshift: The Monday Mixes came together as a way to introduce Moodshift to the dance music community and get something going during quarantine. We were discussing having like a weekly or monthly thing that we could do to help build our name and premiere new tracks from us and others we like. So, Moodshift Monday Mix was born! We also thought “Moodshift Monday Mixes” sounded cool too haha, so now every Monday we’re releasing new mixes to help make everyone’s start of the week a bit more fun!

Nocturnal Times: What activities or creative methods help you get inspired when it comes to the production and songwriting process for your tracks?

Moodshift: We don’t really have any specific method. We normally just write from personal experience, whether that’s a thought, feeling, or something specific that has happened in our lives. Production wise, I think we kind of already know now what we want to do from the get go. The three of us have established what the “Moodshift sound” is, so we make sure each one of our songs possesses that DNA.

Nocturnal Times: Your recent debut single “Chemistry” has been a huge hit so far! Tell us more about the creative process behind the tune.

Moodshift: So it was the second session we ever had and we brought the main chorus melody with us to the session and just built the track around it. It was one of those days where everything just happened fast and you have that good “flow” in the studio. We had the song completely finished by 5pm. We just thought we had a good demo really and that people were gonna get the idea. Quickly we realized that we had something special, and since the reactions from our team were so good, we decided not to touch it anymore to not ruin the magic.

Nocturnal Times: Was there a specific message behind the track’s lyrics and accompanying music video that you were hoping to relay to listeners?

Moodshift: We wanted to write an uplifting track that felt kind of moody. It’s really about two people just finding that special bond that’s so hard to find and when you do, you realize it’s all you really need in life. The lyrics are written like a little poem which we really liked the idea of too. In the video, we wanted to portray how two people found that chemistry through dance and how the two characters “happy ” and “sad” become one to form the Moodshift character.

Nocturnal Times: What are your goals for the remainder of 2020 as a musical trio? Are there any upcoming releases or projects you’d like to share with our audience?

Moodshift: We definitely have more stuff in the pipeline. We have a few things floating around and we’re keeping ourselves busy in the studio all day, every day. There’s at least one more track coming this fall that we’re very excited about.

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