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Renowned Club Bootshaus Launches an Outstanding Virtual Experience



Bridging industrial underground values with mainstream electronic sounds for years now – fabled and beloved Germany’s number one club Bootshaus is ready to pioneer a new digital era. This is for all those party people that partied in the world-famous venue Bootshaus, or miss partying there.

Dance music lovers from around the world can rejoice now. Bootshaus is bringing a new virtual reality party experience. This experience will transport party people from their homes right into this fantastic and beloved club. For this spectacular next step, Bootshaus has teamed up with long-term partners Desperados and elrow. Addtionally, they’ve enlisted a new partner, the virtual live events company Sansar.

This partnership will kick off a series of massive events. We will see some big artists, massive takeovers and some powerful interactive functionality. All of this just to bring the party to your home. Those that are familiar with Bootshaus know that every DJ has playing there on their bucket list.

“We’re excited to share this VR experience for the international dance music community to enjoy. It’s a project we’ve been working on for a long time and releasing it now feels more important than ever. The VR project once again sees Bootshaus at the forefront of the industry and it’s an honour to team up with some of the industry’s key players to deliver a stellar collection of events that can be experienced from homes globally.” Fabian Thylmann (Owner of Bootshaus)

The Events (elrow, Alteza and Nibirii)

On Saturday, November 28th, the first massive premiere event will happen. This spectacular VR-show will be hosted by the latest ‘elrow Show powered by Desperados‘ event. This event will immerse those that are attending in the surreal universe of urban artist Okuda San Miguel. With his ‘Kaos Garden,’ he brings the space to life through a combination of bright colors and geometric shapes. This will be a virtual party experience like none other.

Before the event, guests can enter the space and customize their personal avatars. This can be done even before seeing the virtual experience come to life. Once the venue goes live people from all over the world can tune in and celebrate this new milestone. Attendees can dance to the stellar track selection from Spanish techno DJs Paco Osuna, Andres Campo, and Fer BR. In addition, attendees can also mingle with others and even enjoy their own ice-cold Desperados at the bar.

Following elrow’s event, Alteza by Vini Vici‘ will takeover Bootshaus on December 5th. Nibirii and Alteza will team up for the first real psytrance experience in Bootshaus virtual reality. With performing artists Vini Vici, Blastoyz and Björn Grimm, this will be an outstanding milestone for psytrance lovers.

What makes this night so special you wonder? Bootshaus will replicate the first Nibirii party that took place at their club. Back in March 2017, Vini Vici played in front of a sold out Bootshaus. The crowd when ecstatic over this psy-influenced trance duo. They couldn’t get enough the duo back then and according to this year’s DJMag chart, they still can’t. Vini Vici moved up seven spots to number 24.

Another artist behind the turntables that night will be Blastoyz. He is one of the leading artists in the psytrance scene over the past few years and entered those charts for the first time this year. Also, lest we forget local and Nibirii resident Björn Grimm to round this special night off.

All of them will celebrate their achievements in the virtual Bootshaus club. They are looking forward to broadcasting their spine-tingling, atmospheric sounds to the world.

The Verdict

So what can we expect from this event? The organizers promise us that we can expect the same crazy and wild atmosphere that we know Bootshaus for during live events. This special vibe is what makes Bootshaus stand out among other clubs and what draws the crowds to this magical place each week. There will even be the ability to interact with other virtual visitors. Overall, the organizers want to bring some of that dance floor community vibe to your home.

Organizers were able to precisely replicate the layout of the club’s main room and outdoor areas. This will all be experienced in full via theSansarplatform. You will need a VR headset and a Windows PC with a dedicated graphics card. If you do not have a full VR headset don’t worry. The live streams can also be enjoyed via Youtube and Twitch without a VR headset, or via the Sansar app on iPhone or Android (featuring multiple camera angles of the DJ).

We are excited to see Bootshaus bringing the next best thing opposite to live events and spread positive influences across the globe. In this new series of virtual reality events we will hopefully see more of these interstellar events announced. Stay tuned for more information.


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