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Rain Man Releases “Still Young” ft. OLY



Highly recognized DJ/Producer Rain Man has arrived with his newest single “Still Young” alongside OLY. One thing is certain with this fresh track, and that is the ultimate rejuvenation of Rain Man’s innate musical radiance. Projecting themes of energy and enthusiasm, this one’s an easy repeat tune for classic dance music fans.

“What I love about ‘Still Young’ is the emotion it evokes within when I listen back to it. It feels like a powerful reminder that everything is possible, and all of our hopes and dreams are right in front of us; all we have to do is reach out and grab them.” – Rain Man

“I wrote Still Young is about living in the moment and being a child at heart in a world that pressures us to race the clock and constantly tells us we’re not enough. Kris (Rain Man) really captured the melancholic energy of the verses while making a hopeful, euphoric drop. To us, the song is an underdog anthem of sorts, and we hope that when people listen, they’re reminded that it’s never too late to enjoy life and have fun.”Oly

Ever since the break with Krewella, Rain Man’s future has been one he’s entirely shaping up with optimism, raw creative genius, and reflection upon the past. “Still Young” is not only a piece of new music for Rain Man but a sign of life as the producer aims to conquer the dance sphere with his fresh state of mind. “Still Young” isn’t the first time listeners will notice these two minds coming together. Previously in 2016 Rain Man released “Bring Back The Summer” alongside OLY. Now, “Still Young” proves their electrifying studio connection once again.


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