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Phenatiks Takes On Exchange LA With The Boat House And Single “Drop It”



DJ/Production duo Phenatiks is swooping into the electronic scene with an exciting performance Saturday, June 23rd at the renowned Exchange LA. Part of the fresh new collective for all things house music comprised of Icon Collective Graduates “The Boat House,” Phenatiks is diving into the event with their sexy new single “Drop It.”



“The Boat House” is ready to absolutely rock the the Gallery section downstairs at the club, hitting performance number 2 as Phenatiks as well as part of this plethora of artists who have unleashed a roster of heavy hitting performances as The Boat House. Icon Collective graduates themselves, Jinjun and PhilZen (the pair behind Phenatiks) are dishing out a slice of their intense side with “Drop It.” Featuring dark bass that builds up with continuous edgy beats, the track drops with beastly deep tones. Serving as a massive stylistic marker for their current sound, Phenatiks was deliberate with this dominant dance composition and are already racking up their niche fan base – sure to expand with more and more energetic live performances.


“We focused on really keeping the vibe dark with this track. We actually finished it within a couple days, but the vocal part in it took us months to come up with (haha). The voice is actually Jinjun’s that we recorded and processed. We are very happy with how it turned out! -PhilZen



With a relentless direction set ahead of them, Phenatiks is also thrilled to announced their upcoming EP, reigning in mass amounts of deep and bass house for the rest of 2018 – a surefire path to a pure dance takeover for Phenatiks.

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