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PAROOKAVILLE 2021 Surprises Us with Multi-Part Memories Series



Announces details of the ticket rollover for 2022

As already announced, the sixth PAROOKAVILLE edition has been postponed to July 22nd to 24th, 2022 at Weeze Airport. The dates and details for the ticket rollover have now been set. From June 11th, all ticket buyers have the option (without a price increase) to rebook for the next year and thus secure their ticket. If you’d rather return your ticket that option is also available at that said date. Also, in May the first episode of the PAROOKAVILLE Memories with exciting festival insides will go on-line. The first episode aired yesterday and already has fans excited for more.

With the postponing to 2022, PAROOKAVILLE is sticking to the rules and regulations tried and tested last year. From June 11th, everyone Ticket buyers automatically will receive an email with access to the rollover portal. There you will have the opportunity to repurchase all your tickets at no extra cost for the following year. But be aware you will only have two weeks to complete the transaction. The already announced price increase for 2022 due to the pandemic affects will not affect your repurchase. Alternatively, the entire shopping cart can be registered for a refund, the purchase price and fees will then be repaid in full.

“Although the inevitable rejection hits us hard, we keep the process again as straightforward as possible. Our citizens can Only win: either with secure tickets in your desired Category and without price increase. Or if they need the money or next Year in July can not, through a quick and unbureaucratic Refund. Of course we hope that the fans are excited is at least as huge as it is with us and a lot of people keep their tickets!”Bernd Dicks, co-organizer

All the answers to the rollover can be found in the FAQs:

PAROOKAVILLE Memories keep the most intense memories alive

The creative team of Germany’s largest electronic music festival has used their time intensively over the past few months and created the PAROOKAVILLE Memories from hundreds of hours of video material. They created seven episodes that give a whole new look at the unique rise to fame of PAROOKAVILLE in becoming one of the most important festivals in Europe within a few years.

There is a gripping mix of exciting and epic images, but also funny ones that give a unique inside look in the backstage of this amazing festival. The unforgettable moments, around 40,000 jumping citizens in a huge cloud of dust in front of the Main stage or hundreds of cars in the deepest mud on departure are mixed with exciting interviews in which the makers in the PAROOKAVILLE Headquarter give unprecedented insights into the heart of this exceptional festival.

The episodes will appear weekly starting May 27th at: and


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