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Odesza “Line Of Sight/Late Night” (Foreign Family Collective)



The latest music from Odesza in almost two years has finally come after a tense 24 hours leading up to the release of “Line Of Sight/Late Night”


Little subtle drops of new Odesza material began last year with Instagram videos showing what looked like new Odesza production. A couple days ago around midnight ET 4/25 the boys said tomorrow would be the day in a cryptic video/sound snippet of new material.


The first release came in the form of “Line Of Sight,” actually premiering on two hometown radio stations, on KEXP 90.3, and The End 107.7. Each member was live at the stations for the release, giving a vary vintage and personal feel to the huge announcement. Harrison said that WYNNE, the vocalist on “Line Of Sight,” has been a great collaborator and in total this track took around eight months to complete on/off. The theme of “Line Of Sight,” is a little more geared to the soothing sounds of light bass and snare kicks with WYNNE adding to the relaxation. Tuned background vocals give “Lost Of Sight” an extra little spark of inspiration accompanied by a clapping build into a whimsical future bass break.


The second released track from Odesza “Late Night,” is definitely the instrumentally based feeler of the tandem release. Starting with what sounds like the rustle of hopping into a car for/post late night action. The track hops into it pretty quickly with a strumming guitar and ghostly whiny synths in the background almost, resembling French Touch. However, Odesza lays out some bigger than life risers in there to have you coast through a climbing break. This song tells a journey as you continue to be pushed through this transcending adventure from start to finish.


Very little is known about a future album or EP, but on KEXP Harrison did seem to indicate there is a finished whole project at the end of the tunnel. Play both of the tracks below and welcome yourself to some 2017 Odesza:


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