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O Cinnedi Releases “Greed” Ahead of Upcoming Music Series



Welcoming her newest release “Greed,” DJ/Producer O Cinnedi is teasing out her new upcoming series of tracks. This marks the sophomore single of what will be a Dante-Inferno inspired series, here she is showcasing a certain human-aspect to the artistic/fantasy element attached to the music roll out, which can be sensed through the personal posts surrounding the release of each track.

“Greed” immediately hits listeners with a dark and twisted flair. Glitching at every moment with underlying mystery and haunting tones, “Greed” delivers a definite sense of uncertainty at what will come around every second. Steadily, the song’s bass builds up and ends up dropping into a fury of madness and gripping beats. 

The young Canadian artist is moshing things up quite a bit in the scene as her extravagant stylistic choices lead her music into unknown realms. Additionally, there are music videos in the works where O Cinnedi herself plays a character with each progressive single, and now we’re witnessing “Greed” firsthand as a token glimpse of what adventures still await us. 

Amidst O Cinnedi’s repertoire, one will find her interviews on Virgin Radio (Halifax) as well as with Matt Rainie (Mainstreet PEI). On the performance front, she has headlined at Music Nova Scotia and Disney World (dance) 10 years at Raglan Road, and two years on Disney Dream Cruise. 


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