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O Cinnedi Kicks Off Haunting ‘7 Deadly Sins’ Project with “Pride”



Canadian DJ/Producer O Cinnedi is here and kicking off her 7 Deadly Sins series with the first single “Pride.” She has set up a series of seven songs, one to represent each deadly sin, and we can fully count on “Pride” to represent the full scope of this grandiose project. 

Wasting no time in turning up the haunting energy of the single. O Cennedi has laced infuriating mystery into “Pride.” A commanding presence sets the scene at a thrilling high, and only 30 seconds in the real craze begins. Reminiscent of a song you’d find in an intense action or thrill movie, “Pride” boasts a plethora of dark and innovative tones. Flashy bass then takes center stage to propel this song forward, and burning rhythms progress the record’s monstrous foundation even further. 

“This track is the first of my project called ‘Seven Deadly Sins.’ ‘PRIDE’ is about how we all deal with our own demons and sins, being able to understand them is the way we are able to change ourselves for the better. Pride connects to us in ways of how we create ourselves, but also what is used to create a living hell. Pride is the game of ego we play with ourselves to think we are better than others. How we look at ourselves connect’s so much to this. Pride can be a sin of hate you can completely lose yourself in as does the model that is depicted in my music video soon to come is being drawn to her own pride and losing her mind through it.” – O Cinnedi

Embracing the elements of the classic-story Dante’s Inferno, and the anime Show Seven Deadly Sins, O Cinnedi desired to connect to all areas of this theme; as a viewer may not fully understand the spirituality found behind Dante’s Inferno story, using anime cover art helps listeners understand the symbolism. With such a tremendous project underway, 2021 is shaping up to be a year that O Cinnedi steals the show. 


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