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New Will K & JEBU “Boomshaka” Collaboration Ignites on Axtone Records



Swedish House Mafia star Axwell is proud to welcome WILL K back for his third appearance on his Axtone Record Label alongside Australian counterpart JEBU. Their newest track, “Boomshaka,” was just released on June 8th. Having just collaborated together on “Elephant Rage” through Dannic’s Fonk Recordings, Axtone’s freshest single “Boomshaka” features a combination of different sounds – intertwining dance, tribal, and a hint of industrial to create something all the grand clubs and music festivals will be sure to blast all summer long.


Going way back, Will K and JEBU have produced a wide array of numbers in the studio together. This time around, the artists hoped to produce something out of the ordinary and carry their listeners away without ignoring hints of their original sounds and in unison vibe. JEBU mentioned that they both simply wanted to “get weird and and let the music take them where it pleased.” After a full listen at “Boomshaka,” its safe to say that they did just that. The track’s eclectic and upbeat sounds will be sure to effortlessly keep your body moving and dancing the night away.











Having previously released on Size and Refune including collaborations with Axtone legend Ivan Gough, JEBU’s success within the industry has been striking lately. Likewise, since his relocation to his native land of Australia, Will K has been on a hot streak. His release on Oliver Helden’s Heldeep imprint and an additional single on Fonk, as well as his breaking Tomorrowland feature at Axtone stages this summer will definitely induce his fame. With “Boomshaka” out now on Axtone Records, the names Will K and JEBU will be ones all EDM lovers worldwide will be sure to recognize.


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