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Nervous Records Presents First Collaborative ‘Brooklyn Sessions’ EP Series of 2020



Nervous Records officially launched its first stunning collaborative Brooklyn Sessions EP series of 2020. The label aspired to purposefully join a couple of their like-minded creatives in one specific setting rather than going about it remotely like many collaborating artists do so now a days. After listening to its entirety, the project sure demonstrates the label’s unparalleled talent and unique way of going against the norm.

After a successful run of this concept back in 2018, Nervous Records flew three special acts (Ben Delay from Germany, Moullinex from Portugal, and Trutopia from the UK) into a quaint Brooklyn studio back in September to see what they could co-create in a short time frame (this was before the pre- social distancing days of course). This time, the main intention was for the trio to produce what would eventually be the release of the first Brooklyn Sessions out of many.

The result? An exceptional 4-track journey full of New York City inspired house sounds. The EP opens up with Trutopia and Moullinex’s collaboration “Galesa”, mirroring the hustle and bustle of the city’s street with its upbeat rhythm. Trutopia’s solo track “You Can Not Hold Back” features Koffee’s lovely vocals alongside a dazzling saxophone and funky beats. Moullinex keeps it tight on “Ergo” and gives the EP more of dark and forceful soundscape to reflect the city’s night life and bright lights. It all comes to an end with Ben Delay’s striking “Brooklyn (Back In Time)”, featuring vivid wind instrument backdrops and rumbling synths.

Produced in the label’s very own home, Brooklyn Sessions is nothing but a musical reflection of the city’s luminous and alluring qualities from beginning to end. The city that never sleeps was the perfect location of choice for creativity to spark effortlessly from the moment the trio joined forces. If you’re wondering what a vibrant New York City summer day feels like, listen to the first house-heavy Brooklyn Sessions EP, out now via Nervous Records.


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