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Naeleck & Hige Driver Release “Virtual Gaming” Alongside Official Music Video



Electronic music artists Naeleck & Hige Driver have collaborated on a unique and revitalizing new single, “Virtual Gaming.” The track is a nostalgic take on dance music, utilizing a variety of ‘gameboy”‘oriented samples, giving listeners an energetic and stimulating audiovisual journey.

Accompanied by the official music video, the track revitalizes an old school arcade-like theme, and can be traced towards nostalgic childhood memories. The music video is an amazing demonstration of the tracks theme, yet beautifully combines the playful aspects of VR gaming and EDM hobbies. The melding of both artist’s production styles is apparent, and highlights similarities to other producers in the scene like Pegboard Nerds and Tokyo Machine.

“We wanted to write something with old school Game Boy melodies, like Castlevania, and hard hitting basses. That’s kind of a marriage of both my hobbies and I also used the occasion to shoot my first ever music video. Still a work in progress but should be done by the end of the month and I’m really excited about it!” – – Naeleck

Naeleck is an up and coming DJ/Producer who has been attributed to the Top DJ Mag: Top 100.  He’s performed at strings of shows in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia, and has also been remixed by Dodge & Fuski, ETC!ETC! & Bombs Away.

His counterpart on the collaboration, Hige Driver, is a Japanese producer who’s seen a lot of success around his work in animations and anime soundtracks. He’s been featured on certain things such as SOUND VOLTEX and other BEMANI series, while his main forte when it comes to music are chiptune and J-POP.


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