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MitiS Unveils “Wish You Where Here” Feat. Beaty School Dropout



MitiS also known as Joseph Torre, has been perfecting his unique interpretation of piano-driven melodic bass music since 2010. Growing up in Pennsylvania, MitiS was trained as a classical pianist from a young age. His early musical life became the foundation of his artistic endeavors in both production and live performance. Now fans can rejoice as he officially announces the forthcoming release of his third studio album, Unity. The upcoming LP lands 3 years after the resounding success of his 2020 album Lost.

Alongside the much-anticipated announcement, MitiS graces listeners with the second single from the album, “With You Were Here“, featuring Los Angeles-based rock band Beauty School Dropout. The release directly trails “Phantom Love” with Sarah De Warren, the album’s unannounced yet mesmerizing debut single.

“One of my favorite tracks that I have ever written…”Wish You Were Here”, I feel hits a lot of the sounds that I have missed in my music. I’m super excited that I got to add some heavy dubstep influence into my music again with the second drop, and the BSD guys just absolutely crushed the whole vibe of the song” – MitiS

“Wish You Were Here” beckons listeners into an enthralling odyssey. Emerging as a modern rock-electronic gem, the track is punctuated by vibrant and layered synths. Beauty School Dropout’s poignant vocals drive the track into an immersive aural panorama. As tension builds with an escalating intensity, listeners are swept into an atmospheric drop, guiding them into MitiS’ signature melodic soundscape. The subsequent drop plunges deeper, resonating with powerful bass tones. Thunderous bass lines are exquisitely contrasted with the track’s luminous synths, exemplifying MitiS unmatched craftsmanship. The auditory marvel is just a taste of the brilliance MitiS is set to unveil in his forthcoming album. “With You Were Here” is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Ophelia Records.

MitiS Live

As the anticipation for Unity continues to build, MitiS has teased fans with whispers of a transformative live experience on the horizon. While details remain under wraps, the Philadelphia-based DJ and producer hinted at the introduction of live piano elements into his sets, a move that promises to further elevate the already transcendent MitiS experience. This incorporation suggests not only a fresh dimension to his sound but also the beginnings of a larger, immersive journey for fans. Cities including San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, and many more will soon witness the iconic evolution firsthand. As “Unity” unveils, listeners should brace themselves for a multifaceted adventure, both through sound and soon, in a live setting like no other.