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Markus Schulz Delivers Sixth Artist Album “Watch The World” on Coldharbor Recordings & Black Hole Recordings



Markus Schulz has released his sixth artist album, “Watch The World” on his label Coldharbor Recordings in conjunction with Black Hole Recordings


Markus Schulz, a name synonymous with dance music, has gifted fans with his sixth artist album, “Watch The World.” This is the first album Schulz has produced independently for his label, Coldharbor Recordings, in conjunction with its release on Black Hold Recordings.


A true artist and producer extraordinaire, Schulz co-wrote all of the tracks with the singers whom he collaborated with. This was a first in his career and lead to an extremely personal and creative album. Over the course of 12 months Schulz held “songwriting camps” in Miami, LA, and Amsterdam, where he worked with singers and lyricists.


Schulz explains, “I was always fascinated by the (songwriting) process. The issue I always had was I was never seemed to be close enough to it. I realized I’d been missing it, and “Watch The World” is me addressing that.” He continues, “I used to be really into creative writing when I was younger. When I started DJing and producing that went on the back seat. For this album though, I was one hundred percent focused on not just producing the music but also working on its lyrical content.”


The first completed track, “Destiny,” shot to #1 on the Beatport charts and received an IDMA nomination for Best Trance Track of the year. The album also includes “In The Night,” dubbed the “stalker anthem no.3” and the catchy, “Love Me Like You Never Did.” There’s also the uplifting “Summer Dream,” “You & I,” a new collaboration with Adina Butar, and the deeper, “Let It Rain.” Kyau & Albert collaborated with Schulz on the track “Fears.”


On finishing the album, Schulz said: ‘This, I see, as the next stage in my life as a musician. It’s about giving something of myself lyrically to the audience, as well as musically. Putting it out there. That is something that I’m really comfortable with doing now. The result, I feel, is an album which is a much more personal affair.”


Spanning multiple frequencies of dance music, “Watch The World,” is fresh, exciting, and the perfect soundtrack for the summer.


Purchase Markus Schulz’s “Watch The World” here.




Markus Schulz “Watch The World” track listing:

Disc 1

1. Code 10-66

2. In the Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson)

3. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson)

4. Destiny (featuring Delacey)

5. A Better You

6. I Hear You Calling (featuring CAYO)

7. Leaving LA (featuring Nikki Flores)

8. Let It Rain (featuring Helen)

9. Fears (with Kyau & Albert)

10. Facedown (featuring Soundland)

11. Waiting

12. You & I (featuring Adina Butar)

13. Watch The World (featuring Lady V)

14. Summer Dream (featuring Mia Koo)

15. Favorite Nightmare (featuring Delacey)

16. Soldier (featuring Naguale)

17. Rewind


Disc 2

01. In The Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson) (Acoustic)

02. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Acoustic)

03. Destiny (featuring Delacey) (Acoustic)

04. I Hear You Calling (featuring CAYO) (Acoustic)

05. Let It Rain (featuring Helen) (Acoustic)

06. Fears (with Kyau & Albert) (Acoustic)

07. Facedown (featuring Soundland) (Acoustic)

08. You And I (featuring Adina Butar) (Acoustic)

09. Watch The World (featuring Lady V) (Acoustic)

10. Summer Dream (featuring Mia Koo) (Acoustic)


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