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Markus Schulz and Smiley Present “The Dreamers” Single Package & Dreamy Music Video




The follow up to his imaginative hit “The Dreamers,” beside Romanian singer/songwriter Smiley, Markus Schulz now presents the official music video along with a five-track remix package. Bringing fresh and inventful reworks of the album mainstay, this is a blooming deliverance you’ll definitely want to check out.

“The Dreamers” accompanying video is a classic depiction of barren Western-seeming landscapes and a couple of lovebirds with big dreams. Carefully plucked from his uplifting and awe-inspiring album We Are The Light, “The Dreamers” is a beautiful and carefree tune, just perfect for the lighthearted and visionary listeners out there.

Smiley has established himself a leader (perhaps the leader) at the forefront of the Romanian music scene. He has paid his dues in various forms that extend beyond singing and songwriting, such as representing his skillset as the longest-serving coach on Romania’s The Voice and standing as co-presenter for Romania’s Got Talent. On top of this, Smiley proudly lays eyes on his wall of platinum discs and has recently celebrated over 175 million YouTube views on his most recent album, Confesiune. His “smiley” character was an instant fit with Schulz as they came together for the making of “The Dreamers.”  

To expand upon the dreamy single, Markus brings a suite of new interpretations of the track to his single package. Including the Extended Mix, Festival Mix, In Bloom Mix, Album Mix, and Paul Damixie Remix, the package delivers just the right blend of elevated choruses, reflective tones, longing verses, club-oriented feels, electro-like accents and beyond.

“The Dreamers” mix package is out now and available to stream/download/purchase right here.

Also feed your eyes and soul with the desert-filled official music video below – we’re positive this one will make you want to jump in the car & head out with sights set on the dusty road.

Full Tracklist:

01. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (Extended Mix)

02. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (Paul Damixie Remix)

03. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (Festival Mix)

04. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (In Bloom Mix)

05. Markus Schulz & Smiley – The Dreamers (Album Mix)

Caroline is an avid electronic music enthusiast. Born and raised in the Boston area, Caroline relocated to New York and then again to Florida to complete her Bachelors Degree in Social Entrepreneurship & Business. First attending Wagner College in Staten Island, she transferred to Rollins College in Orlando. Her passion for EDM and music festivals has taken her up and down the East coast, and inspired her to pursue her dreams within the industry. Electronic music truly has been a blessing in her life, and landed her on a path she is sure is her life calling.


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