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Marcus Santoro & Roan Shenoyy Unveil New Single “Best Of Me”



Enhanced Recordings all-star Marcus Santoro has been killing the game so far this year. His past couple of releases have gained a tremendous amount of recognition all around, and there’s a lot more to expect from here on out. This past Friday, Marcus Santoro released his latest track, “Best Of Me” alongside label newcomer Roan Shenoyy. A track bound to lift our spirits with its upbeat sound, it’s perfectly fitting for these upcoming Summer months.

“Best Of Me” expresses both an uplifting and emotional feel throughout, and showcases those deep progressive house tones we just can’t get enough of. As the track progresses, we can sense every wave of emotion it’s meant to embody. Its melody is breathtaking, and surely one we can dance the night away to. “Best Of Me” features some of the most beautiful and serene accompanying vocals, adding a special touch to the track’s overall sound. Its heartfelt lyrics will certainly have listeners singing the words away all Summer long and honestly, it’s just a track very easy to grow fond of.

Best of Me” is by far one of the most mature records I’ve written to date, and one of my most emotional ones too. Roan and I spent a solid year on this one, trying to nail the music and the feeling, and with the help of a beautiful vocal we’ve done exactly that!” -Marcus Santoro

Out now on Enhanced Recordings, “Best Of Me” showcases Marcus and Roan’s exquisite talents in the most remarkable way. With festival season in full force, there’s no doubt the track will make its appearance throughout many of the live sets to come. If you haven’t listened already, “Best Of Me” is now live on all major music streaming platforms, and we promise you’ll want to add it to your most recent playlist once you play it fully through!

Featured photo via Marcus Santoro Facebook.

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