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Mako Unveils Sophomore Album ‘Fable’ out via Ultra Music



Multi-talented musician, producer, and singer-songwriter, Alex Seaver, a.k.a. Mako has just put forth his sophomore album, Fable, through Ultra Music. Since releasing a plethora of successful lead singles, the album represents his exploration of creative boundaries, and is a deeply personal body of work to Seaver. The album consists of eleven magnificent tracks, featuring previously released lead singles along with some brand new additions. 

Since Mako’s last album release in 2016, Hourglass, Seaver has taken the project on as a solo endeavor. He’s managed to pump out a slew of tracks, creating unparalleled masterpieces through reimagining signature sounds in the studio. One single from the album, “Breathe” is a breakthrough track with his catalog, filled with Seaver’s smooth vocals and intertwined into a delicate and intricate upbeat soundscape. 

While each single possesses its own space within the progression of the album, another single that stands out is “Chameleon.” The track flows in a beautiful choir-like way within the chorus, while Mako delicately balances falsetto pitches within his vocals. “Murder” is another great single from the album, with a large streaming presence from it’s previous release. On the flip side, “Roller Coaster” takes the listener on a plot twist from the harmonies and vocal melodies they’re used to, possessing an upbeat and gritty rhythm and minimal design. 

While each track continuously flows within each other, Fable is a distinctive and cohesive body of work that manages to span between various genres. It’s impossible to not bring up Mako’s vocal abilities and production expertise as features that set him apart as an artist. With 2021 just around the corner, Mako is looking to fill the speakers of listeners worldwide with his addictively catchy sophomore album, Fable


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