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LO’99 & Sinden “Burners” EP (Confession)



A first for the Confession label, house producers LO’99 & Sinden team up to bring you their “Burners” EP


Two noteworthy house-bass infused artists LO’99 & Sinden seemed to fit right in with their latest signing with Confession. To no surprise this label is one of the quickest rising house labels in the industry as it’s headed by French house producer Tchami. It doesn’t hurt either that Tchami has the whole French armada with him including Malaa, Mercer, Dombresky, and Dustycloud on deck. After the two-track exclusive from LO’99 & Sinden in “Burners,” we’re hoping these artists and label work together again in the future.



The first track to come from “Burners” is called “WGWN” and instantly gets you stepping with a pumped up intro. A reverberating siren and jacking bassline finally break down a couple minutes in to give you a deep house “WGWN” male vocal sample. Giving you little time to rest the duo of LO’99 & Sinden jump you right back up into a frenzied instrumental of all things future house wobbles and roars. This track has no off-switch and is a straight thumper from end to finish.


“Burners” second song starts off on a slightly more reserved note, giving you an eerie wobble matched with another hard driving bass and rattling hi-hat combo. “2NITE” puts more emphasis on the build up with the female looping “tonight” vocals steadily rising with added layers of twisting synths. You could classify this one as a little deeper than its “WGWN” counterpart, but it still gets those feet moving regardless.

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