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Listen to Bleu Clair & Jargen’s New Tune “Aura”



Bleu Clair & Jargen are both up and coming artist that has steadily made a name for themselves in the space. Now the two have teamed up on an electrifying house single, “Aura,” which is a tech house-inspired tune that possesses a ton of old-school vibes infused with a plethora of modern flares. 

Bringing out a feminine and soulful nature to the tune, Jargen’s sonic influence on “Aura” is audibly apparent, infusing the tune with an array of classic house-club elements that bring it life. Bleu Clair adds a ripening vibe to the track, incorporating an assortment of addictive hooks for listeners to get sucked into. Combined with both Clair and Jargen’s sonic palette, “Aura” is a classic tune that is perfect for any club or party atmosphere, providing listeners with a steady groove that will keep them moving. 

Both Bleu Clair and Jargen are a part of a greater modern movement that ushers the sonic boldness of a new era of house music. With both of them continuing to be forward-thinking in their sound, 2022 is looking extremely bright for both of the up and coming figures in the space. 


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