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Bleu Clair Drops “Boom Boom”



Bleu Clair concludes a year of global touring with “Boom Boom,” a track that blends his signature tech-house style with Latin influences. Released on Matroda’s Terminal Underground, this track stands out with its Spanish-vocal samples and pulsating basslines, showcasing Bleu Clair’s versatility and sound as a producer.

“Boom Boom'” isn’t just a track; it’s a sonic revolution. It symbolizes breaking barriers, transcending norms, and embracing the unconventional. Through pulsating beats and innovative vocal chops, it speaks a universal language, inviting listeners to join a rebellious dance. This release is more than music; it’s a testament to the power of sound in unifying souls. ‘Boom Boom’ signifies the heartbeat of the underground, echoing the freedom of expression and the boundless energy of the dance floor. It’s a call to everyone who dares to be different, urging them to lose themselves in the rhythm and find liberation in the music.”

– Bleu Clair

After electrifying stages at Parookaville and Tomorrowland, “Boom Boom” marks a fitting end to the year and a teaser for bigger plans in 2024. It’s a testament to Bleu Clair’s ability to push musical boundaries, adding a fresh dimension to his repertoire. This single not only encapsulates his year of growth and exploration but also hints at the evolving nature of his music, promising a future where his sound continues to expand and captivate audiences worldwide. With “Boom Boom,” Bleu Clair reaffirms his position as a dynamic force in the tech-house scene, blending traditional rhythms with contemporary beats to create something truly unique.