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LEViT∆TE Unveils Debut Album ‘Legacy’



Seattle-based artist LEViT∆TE is gracing the airwaves today with arguably the most impressive and exciting release of his career to date. Taking form as Legacy, this debut album features a marvelous 10 tracks that spring into action, depicting the very creative genius that lives inside LEViT∆TE. 

LEViT∆TE’s productions encapsulate mixes of mysterious and metamorphic soundscapes. Collecting all sorts of elements to fuse together for his ever-engaging repertoire, music enthusiasts will uncover dubstep, drum & bass, hip-hop, bass tastes, and more all within his discography. Legacy also stands true to this entire testament. Listeners will make their way through waves of feelings and sonic experiences throughout the 10-course soundtrack. Forging a very unmistakable vibe throughout, each of the songs plays into one another to help build up the moody story. 

Textural bass and wicked vocals in “Among Trees” evoke a certain sense of dread, and thereafter finds its way into “Protectors Story.” Reverberating 808s keep time as glitchy bass work and percussive elements flicker behind mysterious lyrical moments. Bridging together the pieces of Legacy’s story is mid-album interlude “To The Core.” Beginning with somber hints, “To The Core” quickly leads into a dooming rapture, paving the way into the next chapter of LEViT∆TE’s story, “Psychosis.” Setting the scene for even more haunting tones, listeners by now have a keen sense of the sort of intricate monstrosity LEViT∆TE has put forth throughout Legacy

LEViT∆TE has also extended his talents to further realms of entertainment success. He soundtracked the film ‘The Tax Collector’ starring Shia Labeouf, had his music featured in the 2017 airing of The X-Games, and performed an audiovisual set for the iVoted online festival alongside A-list stars like Billie Eilish, T.I., and more. Today, his music continues to be staple favorites amongst sets by electronic mainstays like Excision, Noisia, G-Jones, Snails, Slander, UZ, YOOKIE, and more. 


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