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Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream 2017 Tour Announced



One of dance music’s most soothing and uplifiting musicians Lee Burridge will be bringing his All Day I Dream 2017 tour across the world this summer


The 2017 edition of All Day I Dream has been dubbed A Summer of Love, an easy theme Lee Burridge and friends will be bringing across lands far and near. The tour will be a celebration of not only some prime summer time house mixes, but you can expect everything from decor to personnel to be contributing to Lee’s Summer of Love celebration. Already known for throwing some of the most trendy feel-good celebrations in the circuit, this Summer’s All Day I Dream tour will be going over 20 different locations internationally. Everywhere from NYC to Rio de Janeiro to a stop in Barcelona is all scheduled for the massive yearly tour.



All Day I Dream has been running for seven years now, and has acquired a devoted fan base in the still maturing event. Lee said he looks at music as “…a language we can all understand and meet within to share experience…I’m really looking forward to sharing a thousand beautiful moments with friends, friends to be and total strangers.” To get you ready for your stop on the All Day I Dream 2017: Summer of Love, there will be a seven track release on June 16, 2017 featuring hand picked tracks from Lee Burrdige, PHCK, and Budakid.




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