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Key4050 Finally Unlocks ‘Tales From The Temple’



In more enlightening trance news this February, John O’Callaghan and Bryan Kearney of Key4050 are releasing a massive album, Tales From The Temple, finally blessing the scene with music that has been long hoped for. Circling festivals since first gracing crowds at the 2017 edition of Dreamstate SoCal, Key4050 has left fans with utter cliffhangers of what was to come. Slated for full release on February 15th, the trance world can hardly wait to hear the musical mastery that awaits them.

Teasing out the album by dropping four tracks – “Birch,” “Utterly Butterly,” “The Truth,” and “Finkle and Einhorn,” it’s quite clear that these guys are on the path to creating one-of-a-kind records that are a surefire stand out from the rest. The cherry on top of an already highly anticipated album, the almighty Armin van Buuren featured the duo’s stuttering single “Beetlejuice” in his spectacular ASOT 900 (Part 2) episode. The mind-blowing arsenal of 32-tracks encompasses a conglomeration of carnivorous bass, drum march, staccato percussion, techno-tenacity and whimsical track identities.

What has been in reserve for the last fourteen months as strictly set-exclusive material is now set to unload to the masses. John and Brian have done an exquisite job of keeping their collaborative productions under Key4050 on tight seal. The mid-February release will be the first work that the public will have access to, and we can hardly contain our elation.

Take a look at the full tracklist below as we think you’ll enjoy the flavorful titles of these tunes every bit as much as the audio to accompany them. Our personal favorite? : “Pikachu.”

Tales From The Temple Tracklist:

01. Beetlejuice (5:09)

02. Wendle (4:16)

03. Birch (5:39)

04. Utterly Butterly (4:16)

05. Dinklebot (5:13)

06. Trevor (4:57)

07. Pikachu (4:57)

08. Settler (3:22)

09. Squirrel (4:30)

10. Quadruplets (4:16)

11. Meryl Beef (5:52)

12. Sweetest Road (4:24)

13. Otter (4:53)

14. Equinox (5:53)

15. Altered Definition (5:11)

16. Otterfly (4:09)

Disc 2.

01. Irwin (5:08)

02. Donadoni (4:43)

03. Schillachi (4:43)

04. Laudrup (4:16)

05. The Truth (4:31)

06. Bortolottay (4:42)

07. Egon (4:31)

08. Take A Break (3:47)

09. Retention (4:16)

10. Jalapeno (4:05)

11. Finkle und Einhorn (4:31)

12. Intersect (4:30)

13. Megatron (4:30)

14. Ubuntu (4:17)

15. Dickie Tummay (4:45)

16. Alka (3:55)

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