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John O’Callaghan & Alex Holmes Drop “Devotion”



Irish born John O’Callaghan is a past master at encapsulating! After his heartening spring-released “Pebble Beach” (essentially a wellness retreat in musical form!), right on schedule, he’s back to deliver his finest summer-summoner to date. For his newest release he has teamed up with non other then the the English singer-songwriter Alex Holmes for “Devotion.” Alex Holmes who’s made a name for herself both inside the genre and out. Most notably, she voiced JOC labelmate Craig Connelly’s “Waterfall” and “Anything Like You.”

Anyone expecting an angsty tale of emotional heart-wrench from “Devotion”, well, breaking it to you gently, you’re gonna be disappointed! Those however looking for a carry-you-away, luved-up-to-the-nines, sunshine-after-the-rain type-a-tune, hey, consider yourselves fan-serviced to the max!! John tracks Alex’s tone with pulse racing bass, strings that pluck the heartstrings, pianoforte and post-break, just a fractional hint of 303 squall to see through. “Devotion” is out now on all mayor sreaming platforms.