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Kasbo Releases Two Singles Ahead of Upcoming Album



Warming up his fans and listeners for his 2nd album, The Making of a Paracosm, Kasbo is back with two new nostalgic singles. This time putting forth “Staying in Love” featuring Nea, and “Skogsrå,” Kasbo combines heartfelt lyrics while also demonstrating music that captivates a heavy influence from his Swedish roots.

“Staying in Love” featuring singer-songwriter, Nea, is an emotion-filled single that expresses the inevitable feeling of fading love. Coinciding with the release, “Skogsrå,” is a track that references Scandinavian folklore and tales of a mythical forest spirit that wanders woods, crafted with a plethora of distorted synths and shifted vocals to create an exciting composition. 

With Kasbo’s second album, The Making of a Paracosm, coming out on October 23rd through Foreign Family Collective / Counter Records (Ninja Tune), everything points towards an upward shift for the Swedish producer. His recent releases like “Show You” and “Play Pretend” featuring Ourchives has already set high precedent towards what fans can expect from the album, while also expanding Kasbo’s catalog of emotion felt records.


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