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Kantor Unleashes “Sonic” New Original



A year in the making, Kantor unveils his latest development, “Sonic.” In keeping with his intergalactic-inspired electronic focus, Kantor, formerly 5 & A Dime, presents us with a melodically layered original. “Sonic” is futuristic, trap-inflected, future, and drum & bass, packed with subtle energy. Encompassing intricate layering and rhythmic complexity, it’s hard to argue that “Sonic” has been worth the wait.



“I started Sonic in the summer of 2017, when I was beginning to really focus on original music, and it took about 7 months to finish. It fuses future bass melodies to intense, fast-paced drum & bass rhythms to epitomize what I’ve wanted to hear in a racing video game – It makes me feel like I’m transported into a futuristic version of Mario Kart! I’d never really worked on a D&B track before, but I’m really excited by how this turned out.” – Kantor


Formerly 5 & A Dime, the DJ/producer switched up his moniker, now producing and performing as Kantor. “Sonic” is a roaring instrumental that dips into a multitude of electronic genres. Following the release of his MISS JANNI “Lucid Dreams (Kantor Remix)”, Greg unveiled “Raptor”, and now “Sonic.”



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