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Joe Stone Releases “Right Here” on Spinnin’ Records [Interview]



The electronic music scene has deep ties with The Netherlands, as it continues to be a geographic mecca for cranking out top-notch DJs and Producers. Joe Stone is no exception, rather another testament to the sort of extraordinary talent rising from the Dutch ranks. Joe Stone has found a home at Spinnin’ Records, where he continues to delight the label as well as music lovers around the world with his purely radiant music. 

Most recently, Joe Stone has released a brand-new single “Right Here” which is actually a rendition of Brandy’s 2008 original song. For those familiar with the original, Joe Stone has flipped the script and revamped the song into a fully modernized dance tune with some really incredible new energy. Lacing his version with an essential upbeat vibe, he dusted even more amazing deep house rhythms to bring “Right Here” right back into the limelight. 

“Right Here” is following Joe Stone’s previous 2021 releases including “Is It Really Love” (Olympis Remix) and “Do Me Right” alongside Anton Powers. “Right Here” is an absolute knockout of an addition to Joe’s glowing discography. There are some producers out there who truly showcase innate production talent and creativity, continuing to crank out hit after hit, and Joe Stone exemplifies those qualities wholeheartedly. His natural musical gift has extended itself to all corners of the globe, and we can’t wait to see what’s next on his radar. 

We had the pleasure of catching up with Joe to talk about “Right Here,” cities he’s looking forward to traveling to again, and more in our exclusive interview below. 

Nocturnal Times: Thanks for taking your time to speak with us Joe! Where in the world are you right now?

Joe Stone: Anytime! I’m at home with my family.

Nocturnal Times: Congratulations on your new single “Right Here” out on Spinnin’ Records. As we’re approaching spring and summertime seasons, this track is perfectly drenched in these sort of sunshine vibes. What initially sparked the idea for producing this one?

Joe Stone: Thank you! I was listening to Brandy’s Right Here acapella and I thought it would be really cool to use the sample. Wanted to have a warm atmosphere in the intro that will compliment the vocals. I was feeling a catchy but simple organ baseline for this track.

Nocturnal Times: Your spin on Brandy’s 2008 original picks up the pace and fully transforms the song into a modern dance music version. Can you walk us through the steps of transforming such a song?

Joe Stone: I Wanted to have a warm atmosphere in the intro that would compliment the verse and have that suspenseful feeling. I thought it would fit a catchy but simple organ baseline for this track that plays nicely on radio as well. Chopping up the vocals in some parts of my track would give that sampled deep house vibes.

Nocturnal Times: Were you able to tease out “Right Here” in any sort of livestream / social media outlet before its release to see fans’ reactions?

Joe Stone: Yes, I’ve played it on some livestreams and reactions were very positive!

Nocturnal Times: “Right Here” fits wonderfully amidst your uplifting repertoire. Looking back on when you first began producing, who / what influences did you pull from to grow and develop your own sound?

Joe Stone: Daft Punk, Nightcrawlers, Robin S, Axwell, Martin Solveig, Mark Knight, MK

Nocturnal Times: If you could sum up the vibe of “Right Here” in one word what would it be??

Joe Stone: Groovysuspensefulsummerlovingdeephouse

Nocturnal Times: What can you share with us about upcoming projects / music in the works for this summer season?

Joe Stone: There is a very cool collaboration coming very soon. Keep an eye out on my socials.

Nocturnal Times: As shows and touring are slowly starting to pick back up, do you currently have any performance plans in motion? If not yet, what cities & venues are you most looking forward to returning to?

Joe Stone: Unfortunately not yet. But I’m looking forward to play in London, Paris, Toulouse, Alicante, Barcelona, Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, and many many more.

Nocturnal Times: Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers?

Joe Stone: My favorite kitchen is Indonesian

Nocturnal Times: Thanks again for chatting and looking forward to seeing the success of “Right Here” 🙂

Joe Stone: Thanks for having me 😀


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