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JNTHN STEIN Remixes Joe Hertz’s “Swimming” From Debut EP



Coming off the debut EP from Joe Hertz in How It Feels, JNTHN STEIN offers a new touch on the single “Swimming”


Just this past fall Joe Hertz released his first EP via Juicebox Recordings, How It Feels. The five track collection offers you everything from smooth and sexy and in between through his R&B inspired electronic music. With a touch of funk, blues, jazz, and future bass, How It Feels deserves at least one run through. Joe Hertz makes a lasting impression and instantly puts himself on the radar with the debut EP.


To compliment the unique sound of Joe Hertz, he enlisted the help of a top-knotch indie future bass producer. JNTHN STEIN has been the brainchild behind the “Berlin” Series and has worked with other budding indie artists such as Cabu and KRNE. Most recently he was assigned for remix duties on the lead track on How It Feels, “Swimming.” JNTHN STEIN does a great job of adding some energy in this chopped up remix filled with dramatic drops and standout guitar riffs. Maintaining a good balance of the original smooth soul in the Joe Hertz single, the JNTHN STEIN remix to “Swimming” is a little more emotional in its own way.


Take a listen to the new JNTHN STEIN remix to Joe Hertz’s single “Swimming” below:



Check out the Joe Hertz EP How It Feels on Soundcloud, Spotify, or iTunes.


Follow JNTHN STEIN for more information on his Soundcloud and Twitter.

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