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Jimmy Pé Shares New Single “Booty Pop”



Jimmy Pé has just put forth a brand new single “Booty Pop” to continue the traction from his previous single, “Pé Is Not Dead!,” which are both a part of his forthcoming album, Puzzle

Out now through Universal Music, “Booty Pop” is a high-energy house tune that furthers his sound that will be clearly audible on Pé’s forthcoming album, Puzzle. The track is filled with a ton of party-centric house sounds that sonically epitomizes his edgy-suave personality traits of Jimmy, qualifying him as an irresistibly alluring and outstanding electronic artist.

Jimmy Pé has developed a worldwide electronic sound that is a melting pot of themes such as satire, provocation, sex, and violence. His latest track, “Booty Pop” is perfect for summertime fun, highlighting his well-rounded balance of songs that demonstrate his vibrancy and colorful house sound. The rest of 2022 is looking bright for Jimmy Pé, as continues to stack house tunes that are suitable for any DJ set worldwide.


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