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Jimmy Pé’s Drops Bass House Infused ‘Blip Blop’ EP



In his latest EP, Blip Blop, DJ and producer Jimmy Pé once again demonstrates his unique creative direction, delivering an eclectic infusion of tech house, bass house, and mid-tempo, all seamlessly mixed in with his distinctive, home-brewed style of production. This release signifies a new pinnacle in his artistic journey with Slow Roast Records, underscoring his continuous evolution as a force in the electronic music scene. 

The EP is a testament to Jimmy Pé’s ability to master the bass house genre while retaining his signature sound—characterized by dirty, chopped beats and flighty vocal samples. This distinctive style is further highlighted in the upcoming “Blip Blop” music video, expected to be a visual representation of his unique approach to the electronic genre.

Notably, the opening track “Big PaPa” introduces something personal and innovative: for the first time, Jimmy Pé uses his own voice, adding a tasteful, authentic touch with elements of Slovak. This track, with its house and mid-tempo influences, sets a captivating tone for the EP, showcasing Jimmy Pé’s talent for creating deeply resonant and unconventional sounds. The anticipation for the “Blip Blop” music video adds to the excitement, promising to bring a new dimension to his already dynamic sound.

Each track in Blip Blop pushes the boundaries of electronic music, reflecting Jimmy Pé’s metamorphosing artistic identity. The title track “Blip Blop” continues the high energy, with a gripping drop that epitomizes the essence of club culture. “Electric,” the third track, delves into darker, more sophisticated realms of tech house, blending with Jimmy Pé’s distinct sound to create an alluring and mischievous atmosphere.

Completing the EP, “Hot For You” is a technical triumph in bass house. This track showcases powerful bass lines and intricate percussion, culminating the EP in a manner that is both righteous and fruitful, while perfectly encapsulating the uncompromising club sound that Jimmy Pé always delivers.

Jimmy Pé’s prowess extends beyond music production to his visionary talent in crafting music videos. His approach to visual storytelling is as innovative and bold as his auditory creations, offering fans a rich, immersive journey that extends the narrative of his music.

His journey from a young talent with a dream in Slovakia to an internationally recognized music producer is a story of relentless creativity and dedication. Blip Blop is more than just an EP; it’s a celebration of Jimmy Pé’s story and a testament to his position as a gifted human who isn’t afraid to think outside the box. Blip Blop EP is out now on all streaming platforms.