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Is the Mysterious LILO Your “Barbie Girl”?



Every time the mysterious South Korean born producer LILO drops a track it adds more to the mystery. This time his tentacles have extended to reworking the beloved 90’s classic hit “Barbie Girl.”

LILO added his addictive danceable beats to this one. Everybody knows the catchy beat and melody of the original. LILO perfectly manages to capture the flair and catchiness of what makes all pop songs so irresistible. And with his own twist he knows how to make these tracks a 2.0 version of it. Turning it into something melodic and saccharine with a bobbing bassline, he is a master in adding new beats and melodies but staying in perfect balance with the original feel of the track.

Beyond his releases “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” or “Stolen Dance,” little else is known about LILO the person. At this point, fans can only marvel at his invertebrate cartoon profile which details life as an Octopus. LILO the person will unmask once the pandemic is over, however, for now, he wants to bring music fans something light-hearted and joyful in these difficult times. “Barbie Girl” is out now via Smash The House.



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