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Harry Nathan Creates “Rooftops” Heart Soaring Music Video



Australian DJ/Producer Harry Nathan dropped his new single “Rooftops” last week, and lifting up the track is its show stopping and heart soaring music video.



Harry Nathan boasts a trifecta of talents, as producing, singing, and songwriting are only scratching the surface of his extensive musical repertoire. From his performance at mecca festival Ultra Miami, to Resident DJ at Paradise Club Mykonos, to currently earning a Masters in Songwriting from the renowned Berklee, his credentials are building as one of the strongest in the scene right now.


The song itself couldn’t carry more of an easy going, serene, and romantic touch. Honing in on the double edged sword of falling in love, “Rooftops” eludes to the euphoria of love yet also the taste of melancholy that inevitably weaves itself into the mix. The fusion of reggae percussions and velvety smooth vocals with laid back beats and a leisurely flow of rolling rhythms have created one finely tuned piece of work by Harry Nathan.  Comparing the look in someone’s eyes to rooftop highs, summer days and sweet lemonade, the overarching fantasy and psychedelic trip of love is ideally pictured throughout “Rooftops.”


I wrote Rooftops whilst daydreaming, I was in the trance of a summer romance. Falling in love can be like taking a psychedelic trip of some sort. Your world’s colour dial is all the way up and you feel great about your life. I’ve always loved reggae, and wanted to create an electronic song that maintained the ‘everything’s gonna be alright’ feel, which is quintessentially Reggae.” – Harry Nathan


Alongside the release is an all around bittersweet filled music video, throwing it back to high school days and first love feels. The video first and foremost stands apart from others because of its multi-layered intent: both rich with deeper symbolism while still relatable on the simplest level. The production of “Rooftops” music video is further unique in that it was independently made by Harry Nathan and his best friends, actors Odeya Rush (Ladybird, Goosebumps, The Giver) and Ryan Lee (Super 8, Goosebumps). With a main focus around the song’s lyric “rollin’ like it’s high-school fantasy,” the video’s overall vibe is an organic story that drifts from many of today’s extravagant and luxurious music videos.



In describing his vision for the short film, Harry said “creating the ‘Rooftops’ short film with my friends was a crazy, yet amazing experience. Every detail in the film was inspired by our own quirky take on life. From the hamburger phone to the retro costumes, and turning an old chapel into a prom.”


“Rooftops” is the first single off of Harry Nathan’s upcoming EP, sure to be full of creative mixes and upping the ante of his diverse electronic sound. And this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Harry and his best friends, who are in the works for a collaboration project to feature a retro-style animation centered in the same alternate world as “Rooftops.” 

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