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Giuseppe Ottaviani Launches Producer Masterclass



Fan favorite Giuseppe Ottaviani is making some big waves. Most people know Giuseppe from his fantastic hits or his interstellar live 3.0 performance. As a musician he is regarded as ‘the producer’s producer.’ Over the course of his career he always managed to reinvent himself. Simply, with Giuseppe, music comes before all. Now he is taking another big step in his career.

Now he wants to give back to his fellow producers out there with his brand new Masterclass. During this Masterclass you learn how to build a new track from the ground up. Giuseppe will be providing the most practical of examples and open insights into his work method. Giuseppe’s grouped the course into 8 chapters, comprising of 100 individual videos, which run over 13 Masterclass hours. Giuseppe discusses initial inspirations and how to approach melody, drums, bass and the fundamental aspects of track composition. He also shares his experience in mixing and mastering. Most importantly giving attendees clear insights (all subtitled in English) into his arguably peerless work approach.

“Throughout my career, by far and away the area I’m asked about most is how I produce. Music – and by virtue the way its made – is something to be shared, always, and this year has provided an opportunity to do that in a more focused way.” – Giuseppe Ottaviani

There is an end-game here. What I would love is for newer producers to use this as a major step towards releasing music professionally. Once you’ve taken the course and absorbed all the information, you can download the stems for this new production and put that newfound knowledge to practical use in remixing it. The best remix will be released on GO Music in 2021.

You can find Giuseppe’s video introduction to the course here. Overall here he talks about what participants can expect and what to take away from this Masterclass.


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