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Giuseppe Ottaviani Conceptualizes Audience & Studio Magic in ‘Evolver’ Album



A name that the electronic scene has come to know, love, and hold dear to their hearts, Giuseppe Ottaviani never ceases to amaze the world of dance music with his depth of vibrant creativity. Now, his passionate imagination has taken form as his newest album Evolver, a masterpiece that pulls audiences into one unending realm of togetherness. 

Evolver is far beyond a soundtrack of studio science, rather it represents Giuseppe’s long standing ambition to bring studio happenings into a shared atmosphere amongst its audience, all while simultaneously delivering its trance promises. 

“To me bringing the audience into the music making equation makes a great deal of sense. Short of having the ability to make music in the first place, harnessed right, it can be the artist’s greatest asset. No one is going to give you clearer notes, better pointers or more honest feedback on your music than an audience member, working synchronously with a thousand others. And obviously, at the same time, they’re the ones you have to get it right for!” – Giuseppe Ottaviano

Spanning well over a dozen fiery tracks, Evolver morphs continuously into more and more glowing melodies, instrumental peaks, trance-centric havens, and symphonic heights. Delicately crafted into one cohesive unit, songs like “Another Day In L.A,” “Panama,” “Ciudad De Mexico” and “Pluto4” boast up the album’s worldly elements in musical light. Additionally, Giuseppe’s creations such as “Sand Castle,” “Have A Nice Trip,” “Tranceland,” and “Colours” provide a daring mystical essence to the album’s entirety. 

“My theory behind this method is relatively straightforward, states Giuseppe. Any piece of music that’s been rigorously clubber-tested, each step of the way it going to have extra benefits. When it’s released, he says, it’ll have greater quality due to the way its been developed and there’ll already be degrees of awareness for it. Further, in the fullness of time, it will have deeper resonance with the audience, as they become conscious of their part of it.” – Giuseppe Ottaviani 

Evolver is yet another example of not only the kind of everlasting music Giuseppi Ottaviani is inherently gifted at producing, but the sort of influential presence he holds within the world of music.

Photos Courtesy of Giuseppe Ottaviani Facebook

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