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Flight Facilities Host NEVER FOREVER Audio-Visual Event



Broadcasting online on June 9th, Australian duo Flight Facilities is announcing their very own NEVER FOREVER audio-visual event. Fans can RSVP for free here to join this immersive journey.

This will be an hour-long session featuring visuals by Australian design studio BABEKUHL, who has extended his talents to the likes of Justin Bieber, TOKiMONSTA, Big Wild, Sam Smith, and more. Now, NEVER FOREVER will be yet another testament to their limitless creativity. Some virtual experiences are so special and create such a spectacle that they cannot be recreated. Much like a concert or live show, they can leave a permanent mark on a music fan’s soul and change the course of the artist’s musical career forever. As the event name suggests, NEVER FOREVER aims to create memories for Flight Facilities fans that cannot be recreated, offering an opportunity to savor their artistry and take pleasure in the knowledge that they are a part of something unique that was curated for their eyes only. 

Everything is forever now, and yet there’s still so much value in the finite. The nostalgia of a memory is so much stronger than a present reality. Never Forever is about chasing the magic of the moment, with no guarantees of repeats. We came to know that feeling in the club, on the dance floor, and even on the radio. It meant embracing a limited point in time, for what it was. There is something super special in that moment for us.” – Flight Facilities

Hugo and Jimmy of Flight Facilities are gearing up to throw down all of their unique musicality in NEVER FOREVER. This one-time opportunity is going to be the chance fans dreamt of to hear all the duo’s unreleased music including demos, edits, and unreleased singles. The event will consist of what the guys have been working on throughout the last five years, and some of what they’re showcasing may remain exclusive to NEVER FOREVER.


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