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Fabian Farell Teams Up with Jay Mason & Jason Ok for “PWMH”



The talented Fabian Farell just released a new collaboration. For this emotional rollercoaster called “PWMH” he has teamed up with Jay Mason and Jason Ok. Fabian and Jay already worked together before on their track “Misfits” also another amazing track by these talented artists. “PWMH” is an amazing joint collaboration of these three artists that found a home on Beat Dealer records.

With “PWMH” that stands for “play with my heart” these artist give us an emotional heartfelt track. Instantly starting with a massive vocal that tells us “I love the pleasure, I love the pain”. It is to say that “PWMH” tells the story of a broken man that falls victim to charms of a beautiful woman. The emotional story goes accompanied by a pumping electro beat showcasing the beat that this broken mans heart beats. With “PWMH” this trio has brought us this song that will resonate with a lot of people, whether man or woman. We all have probably fallen victim to someone that has played with our hearts. Expect this track to unleash a full range of deep emotions, especially at those late nights when you are in a club or at a festival and you hear this track pumping through the speakers.


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