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black a.m. Surprises With New Single “Please Don’t Go”



black a.m. has unveiled a distinctive balance of edgy modern house vibes and rock-heavy electric guitar through his latest track, “Please Don’t Go,” and the more in-depth edit connected with it, “Please Don’t Go (Extended Mix).” The new vibe best represents the core essence of what black a.m. is contributing to the electronic music scene: infectious house music with live guitar components naturally woven in.

“I’ve dug deeper than I even have in ‘Please Don’t Go.’ I wanted to address mental health through this song. ‘Please Don’t Go,’ is a plea, asking someone to stay, despite the issues that may arise through the relationship.”black a.m.

The groovy G-house-inspired basslines pronounce themselves and instantly inject excitement into the air, acting as the first layer that other upcoming verses soon build off of. Pads and smooth atmospheres slide in and transfer the mood of the present to a chiller, more introspective position. This is where black a.m. lets out the first batch of guitar licks – the moment where the realms of rock and electronic come to a head. The dichotomy of the shifting framing of the sound being a strong point of the track: Upbeat enough for the club, but also illustrating depth and introspection delivered through instrumental execution.


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