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Eli & Fur Join Forces with Disciples on “The Pressure”



As the dance music scene in the UK continues to flourish, our favorite British deep-house duo Eli & Fur keep on thriving as well. As the newest artists on the iconic Positiva Records artist roster, Eli & Fur are thrilled to embark on this new venture as they release their latest single “The Pressure” in collaboration with legendary London-based trio Disciples.

Full of experimental, otherworldly house-dominated soundscapes, “The Pressure” is the musical masterpiece we all needed now that things are slowly but surely progressing back to normal. The artistic chemistry between Eli & Fur and Disciples is beautifully showcased throughout the track’s progression, eloquently merging both of their exemplary sounds into one. Exploding with euphoric house melodies right from the get-go, “The Pressure” is the type of dance track bound to leave listeners completely mesmerized and overflowing with pure bliss after just one listen.

“The release is a combination of both ours and Disciples’ sound which we feel is really special. It falls somewhere in between a track that makes you want to get up and dance as well as retaining that emotive and ethereal sound we feel is so important for any track we release. For us it is about being all consumed by love and all the positive and negative that comes with that.” – Eli & Fur

With so much more to come from Eli & Fur via Positiva Records, “The Pressure” with Disciples is only a small glimpse into the dynamic duo’s forthcoming musical endeavors. As one of the most impressive and uniquely curated tunes on the release radar as of late, its quite clear as to why the prominent UK dance music imprint recruited these two to begin with. If you haven’t yet, listen to “The Pressure” and submerge into Eli & Fur and Disciples’ latest.

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