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Egzod & Alter Bring Bass & Feels in “Believe I’m Leaving” via Lowly



Egzod and Alter have teamed up and tapped into an important concern that is quite common among young adults: what direction to go in life that will allow for complete happiness and living up to one’s full potential. The two bring their ideas about this topic to light in their latest track “Believe I’m Leaving” which is out now via Lowly.

The lyrics bound within “Believe I’m Leaving” send a message encouraging young adults not to go in a direction that is untrue to themselves and to alternatively choose a more self-realized path to personal fulfillment. This record’s story provides a fantastic topline for the melodically-dark and well-crafted instrumental Egzod has created.

“Since we share a very similar vision and have a lot in common, we clicked pretty fast via Facebook. This track was done in no time after a couple of FaceTime calls and audio exports.” – Egzod

“Believe I’m Leaving” features an ominous and dark mood with hard-hitting percussion and gritty synth-work. Ultimately, both producers created an environment allowing a full surrender to the music and committing to introspection for a few minutes to reflect on their powerful message.

“I’ve been feeling extremely blessed recently I pay my bills off making music and doing what I love, I just wanted to crystalize that feeling in a record. This collaboration gave me that opportunity.” –Alter

Egzod has now released 6 originals and 1 remix on the No Copyright Sounds which its Youtube channel has more than 20 million subscribers. Early in 2019, Egzod teamed up with Trap Nation and Lowly to release a series of singles throughout the year. Egzod is quickly rising as his music has been featured on some of the biggest YouTube channels and supported across FM radio across North America.

Alter is a genre-bending artist, singer, songwriter, and producer. His unique heartfelt lyrics & vocals speak authentically and vulnerably making him a  perfect fit for fans of the new alternative sound. He is also quickly rising as his music has quickly racked up over 10 million streams on YouTube alone.


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