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Dutch Designer Dzanar Collaborates with G-Eazy on NFT Project



After working together with leading names in the music industry such as Akon, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Kesha, Jeremy Renner, Riff Raff to produce visual designs – alongside being responsible for the full digital brand experience of Sam Feldt, Dutch designer Dzanar now joins forces with the multi-dimensional rapper/producer G-Eazy.

“This collaboration with OneOf has been long in the making. My debut NFT collection is made with love. It’s a combination of music, fashion and technology to show all the different sides of myself. I think we all share the same vision of creating a sustainable Web3 future and I’m really excited to have my fans join in.” – G-Eazy

G-Eazy is the latest artist to enter the NFT space. He has teamed with digital artist Dzanar and the Quincy Jones-backed OneOf for “The Geralds.” This will be a new collection that showcases his many different sides and hobbies, from his mountain man persona to the skateboarder. ‘The Geralds” are sold in “packs.” This makes it possible to collect different combinations. And fans who purchase the NFTs will have the chance to win VIP perks, from dinner with G-Eazy to hanging with him in Vegas.

“I love to put my imagination to work and create art that breathes style and substance. “Working with OneOf and G-Eazy on ‘The Geralds’ allows me to create art that bridges a wide range of areas. This project brings artistic freedom and beauty, which I find extremely important in the work I do.” – Dzanar

Taking on the task of creating a series of NFT’s for G-Easy allowed Dzanar to reach his full potential. These tokens reflect the unique aspects both G-Easy and Dzanar’s brand. The reason behind Dzanar and G-Easy promoting these tokens is not one of monetary gain but for creating a glimpse into the lives of both so the fans can feel they’re part of their world. Without the audience, the artist has no value and that exact mindset made these pieces of art come to life. And while these tokens are gloriously futuristic, their design is reminiscent of childlike wonders we’ve all experienced and often yearn for.


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