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Dream Tonic Puts Forth Powerful 5-Track EP ‘Essence’



Dream Tonic is a quickly rising artist in the electronic music space and is most recently known for her signing with ill.Gates and their label, Producer Dojo. Now the artist has just dropped a 5-track EP, Essence, which is a fantasy-like sonic world created by Dream Tonic through countless days and nights of imagination.

“Spark” is the first single that provides a gentle, yet dramatic introduction that’s sustained by piano cords that set the mood. “Loving’s Coming Down on Me” is the 2nd track that symbolizes dynamism and nature, while also adding a touch of sonic differentiation from Dream Tonic’s emotive sound. Following “Loving’s Coming Down on Me” is “Step Inside My Mind” which amps up the drama and emotion of the EP’s experience, and could easily be dubbed as the trippiest amongst the bunch with its smooth chorus, breaks, and vocals. “Stranded” radiates a mystic vibe that emits festival-like energy, and provokes a simple yet impactful message with its well-designed structure. Conclusively, “Promise of a New Day” is the perfect ending of the EP, bringing life to one of Dream Tonic’s most favorite pieces of work.

Dream Tonic’s Essence EP is a promising piece of work that provides listeners and fans with a diverse yet pinpoint expression of Tonic’s signature sound. Each song possesses its own character that plays a part in the story of the EP. It’s a beautiful example of Dream Tonic’s endeavors and creates a multitude of anticipation for what could be in store in the future. 


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