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DJ 4Rain’s Newest Single 4 “Ü” [Interview]




It is always exciting to sit down with some of the hottest tickets in town. Today we are sitting down with Stephan Tavares a.k.a. DJ 4rain. He is an electronic dance music DJ /Producer from France.

DJ 4rain’s latest tracks “I Don’t Belong” and “Play The Beat” are grown-up house chill tracks. These songs inspire with its lasting vibe with the catchy vocals. His signature style, the combination of hip-hop and electro beats flows through all frequencies of these songs. Currently he is making waves with his latest release “Ü.” This track is written and produced by Stephan himself.

Nocturnal Times: Hi Stephan thanks for chatting with us! Congratulations on your recent hit “Play The Beat.” What was your most amazing moment with this track? Did you ever imagine it to blow up like the way it did?

DJ 4Rain: As an artist it’s always flattering to see his work appreciated by so many fans. Even if I work hard to have that kind of success it’s always a pleasure. Specially with this year where touring was just impossible I was pleased to see my fans showing love to (play the Beat)

Nocturnal Times: Over your career you have released various tracks. Which one is the one you think pushed your career the most? And why so?

DJ 4Rain: I have to say PLAY THE BEAT because the public responded very well I mean you just have to look at how many video on TikTok were made on my track . And to be honest on a personal level it was a pleasure working on this track and not having to wait for artist verse, run after clearance of the project and release the track the way I created was great and the result is amazing.

Nocturnal Times: I’ve been following your music for quite a while now. Your tracks are very different ranging from very relaxed to massive dance tracks. What do you prefer more and do you see yourself evolving in to a direction more?

DJ 4Rain: Yes I’m very versatile when it come to creating and producing, so EDM is my main thing but I can produce pop music, house music I mean I can pretty much produce anything. But you will see more and more EDM project coming out.

Nocturnal Times: Your newest track is called “Ü.” Why this title? And tell us a bit more about this track. How did you came up with it?

DJ 4Rain: This title is kind of a surprise for long time fans and followers . It s kind like a big announcement. I can’t say it now in this interview but there is something cool being coming.

Nocturnal Times: What is the message you want to spread with this track?

DJ 4Rain: i basically try to release come in up with something fun cool for people to enjoy, because 2020 itʼs been real hard for all of us and I wanted to do something that would take the listener away to something fun.

Nocturnal Times: You are known for blending hiph-op and dance together. Having this kind of talent leaves you open to so many opportunities. Who would you like to work with and would it be more hip-hop or dance orientated? And why?

DJ 4Rain: Like I said earlier my main thing is EDM and I like to bring hip-hop to the dance world. I believe that the combination is a great fit I have been honored to work with many huge artists but if I had to pick some that I never worked with and if the opportunity comes it would be SIA, J.balvin, Khalid, THE Weeknd… and so many more.

Nocturnal Times: The current global situation is a tough one for the music industry. How does it affect you personally and how do you deal with it?

DJ 4Rain: Itʼs been hard because not being able to tour is a big issue but we all have to accept it for now. On my personal level it has been good to cut a little bit because I have been able to spend more time with my family and having quality time. So I like to say that even if I would have prefer this situation to never happened I found the way to get some positive things out of it.

Nocturnal Times: Is there anything else you want to share with readers?

DJ 4Rain: Well I was very happy to do that interview with you and I want to say thank you very much, thanks to all the fans that follow, and support my music and stay tune because I got a lot of new project coming out soon.

This amazing producer from France has taken an insane run in just two years. His latest releases have already collected an insane amount of support in a very short time. We wish him even better numbers on his newest release “Ü,” out now on all digital platforms.

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