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ARTY Completes ‘From Russia With Love’ Vol. 3



Electronic music phenomenon, ARTY, has just blessed his fans with the 3rd Volume of From Russia With Love via Armada Music.

Setting the tone from his previous release of Volume 2 in July 2020, Volume 3 is the final piece of this puzzle, presented as a full album that’s compiled with high caliber collaborations between ARTY and his closest friends from Russia.

Consisting of 12 unique club tracks, ARTY’s From Russia With Love album combines the EP releases from the previous 2 volumes and possesses two hard-hitting ARTY originals, plus tons of collaborations between Stellz, Muvy, Kitone, and NK.

It’s refreshing to hear a diverse plethora of genres throughout the listening experience of the album, while it’s also nostalgic to see the chapter of ARTY’s release series conclude on Armada Music. However, it’s important to note how the album sets a proper tone towards ARTY’s production capabilities, leaving listeners with tons of content to engage with while giving them a chance to dive deeper into his world. 


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