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Dea Magna Drops 4-Track Hard Techno Masterpiece ‘OKANO’ EP



Hailing from Los Angeles Dea Magna is a techno DJ/producer who fuses Schranz, Industrial Techno, Psy Trance & Hardstyle influences into her productions & DJ sets. For her newest EP OKANO, she got signed by the renowned Reinier Zonneveld to his Filth On Acid label. With this EP we see Dea Magna returning to her roots in Industrial Techno and PsyTrance. Her OKANO EP is a fast-paced, sub-rich journey that resonates deeply with her musical origins and emerges as a formidable contribution to the Hard Techno genre.

“For me, ‘OKANO’ represents a homecoming, going back to my roots. I am singing in my native language. I produced it pulling influences from music genres that I fell in love with when I first discovered electronic music. The whole EP carries such powerful, electrifying, uplifting emotion that truly represents who I am as an artist and what I bring to the table as a producer and DJ. Also, Reinier Zonneveld is one of my favorite artists and a true role model, and I couldn’t be happier than to have this EP come out on his Filth On Acid label.” – Dea Magna

The title track, “OKANO,” stands as a testament to her unique creative vision. This collaboration with the esteemed Reblok features a vocal performance by Dea herself, consisting of 20 harmonious layers inspired by the traditional folk sounds of the Balkans. The lyrics, a vibrant celebration of life, transport listeners through time—from the era of horse-drawn carriages to the modern rave culture. They poetically translate to: “My honey, when you get down from your darling horse, take me out, let’s rave all night.”

Instrumentally, “OKANO” is driven by an epic, arpeggiated trance lead, brimming with euphoric and dynamic emotions. The track is a sonic adventure, unlike anything heard in recent times. Multiple high-frequency layers reveal clear Schranz influences, pulsating over heavy bass and powerful kicks. Overarching distortions of many sonic elements highlight the Hardstyle influences, making it a true amalgamation of diverse styles and genres.

Complementing the lead track, other pieces on the EP such as “Hardcore Love”, “Hardstyle Jungle”, and “Rave Parade”, further showcase Dea Magna’s versatility and prowess as a producer, lyricist, vocalist, and vibe master.

The OKANO EP has already garnered substantial acclaim and support within the Hard Techno scene and is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.