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RayRay & Sihk Collaborate on “To The Moon”



The hardest working producer from Taipei is back. This time the multi-talented artist teams up with Indonesia’s premier Hard Dance DJ and producer Sihk. As a producer, DJ, singer, rapper, RayRay shines bright on the scene and delivers high energy wherever she walks. Sihk’s collaborations extend beyond music production, including co-producing hits for artists like Rich Brian and NIKI. Now this dream duo is giving us their happy hardcore infused new collaboration “To The Moon”

“When RayRay send me the track as a house track at 128bpm I instantly got excited. It was basically a completed track and she told me to tune it up Sihk-style into a happy hardcore tune. Idk how she suddenly came up with that idea but it is what it is and the track was born. The gabber version I made 1 month before the release of the track just because I like doing that old school sound.”– Sihk

“If I walk down that road, I can’t go back, this one way ticket, are you down for that, “To
The Moon” is truly a beautiful track that will bring on love vibes. It’s an adventure,
focusing on the hardness of love relationships, desire and importance of choices, about
loving someone to the moon and back, and fear of losing everything. These struggles
are deeply rooted into the track, brought to you with RayRay’s enchanting original vocals.
It’s a journey into thrilling happy heartwarming hardcore, with a thumping soundscape
that will leave you… moonstruck. With there being 2 versions released of “To The Moon” there is something for everyone, a radio friendly version or Sihk’s special gabber version. “To The Moon” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.

RayRay has released many great tracks opening up the road to success with her incredible voice and showmanship. Accompanying this piece of justified ear candy is a funny music video that shows these these two artist have good time while sharing some fun moments with each other. Check the video below.