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Dastic, Aeden & Stef Classens Take on 2022 in “Way Back Home”



Dastic has continued to propel with the force of a supernova thanks to developing his sounds via Spinnin’ Records and Future House Music, now linking up with Aeden, a Dutch debutant for Revealed Recordings, the pair make magic alongside Stef Classens on “Way Back Home.”

“I am so excited for this first release of 2022. Especially because it’s a track which is really the style I want to do in 2022.”Dastic

Instigating with an infectious hook from the jump, a boomerang-like beat punctuates the house-driven vibe, synth heavy that instantly draws the listener in. As Stef Classen’s positively delivered and rich top-line adds an emotive, euphoric edge, “We will always find a way back home…” is a message that is relatable and delicate, whilst also retaining an original edge. Recognizable as a main-stage worthy anthem in all its components, from big-room laced with a pop-sensibility, “Way Back Home” is set to dominate playlists and the airwaves this Winter. Out now on Revealed Recordings.


1 Comment

1 Comment

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