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Crankdat & Ace Aura Put Out New Single “The Feeling” via Monstercat



North American Producer and DJ Crankdat has just put forth a vibrant new single, “The Feeling” on Monstercat. The track is a gritty electronic hit that is also a collaboration between rapidly growing dubstep Producer/ DJ, Ace Aura. By combining their production sound together, the two have created a tune that sonically balances uplifting and heavy sounds into a cohesive whole. 

“The Feeling” pushes electronic boundaries of future bass and dubstep, fusing Ace and Crankdat’s production flares into an amazing arrangement, perfect for any electronic music fanatic. This will help musicians to further their momentum and influence in the space, as Crankdat recently released a single with JT Roach, while Ace put out a collab with Subtronics. The track will also play a part in Monstercat’s Uncaged Vol. 11 compilation and could be the introduction of more work from the collaboration. 


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