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Colorize Comes Around with Colorscapes Vol. 2



Tritonal’s label, Colorize, has just put forth the second volume of Colorscapes, since its initial debut launch in September 2019. Returning as a mesmerizingly sonic experience, this volume consists of 50 atmospheric songs from artists like PRAANA, Ram Dass, Dezza, Matt Fax, and Estiva. 

Colorscapes has established a reputation for showcasing the cream of the crop of progressive, deep, and melodic house music. The compilation has guest mixed on Above and Beyond’s Group Therapy, released a plethora of inspiriting singles on both Colonize and Lane 8’s label, The Never Happened, and has had its tracks on rotation on Sirius XM.

Acting as forefronts of Colorscapes, artists like PRAANA, Dezza, Matt Fax, and Estiva have been with renowned performances & music emit messages of awareness and mindfulness. They’ve established a reputation for their track selection within mixes, reflecting the deeper meanings that stem from house music. 

Colorize will be bringing live shows in support of Colorscapes just like they did in 2019 as soon as it is safe to do so – they can’t wait to dance into the sunset with fans once again to these three exhilarating mixes.

As soon as it’s safe to do so, Colorize will be catering fans and listeners with live shows to dance to as the sun sets below the horizon. Stay tuned for more from Colorscapes and the artists within this volume’s expansive tracklist. 


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