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Bobby Nourmand Takes On Billy Idol Tune With “Sister”



Bobby Nourmand took inspiration from Billy Idol’s 1982 hit “White Wedding” and released the provocative “Sister”


Any artist knows it’s a big risk touching any type of classic artwork, however Bobby Nourmand has just released a new modern take on the Billy Idol original “White Wedding.” What was created is a successfully executed deep house track in the form of “Sister.” He has already proven himself a master of the rock classics with tracks like “Because” and “Peace Frog” both special remixes to prior The Beatles and The Doors masterpieces. Going a little punk in this latest feature, it’s a track everyone is familiar with but holds the dark sound of modern house with Bobby Nourmand’s styling.


Starting off “Sister,” he slowly distorts the famous melodic electric guitar riff to resemble a reverberating violin, pulling you carefully into his track. A common theme between both the new and original track is the use of a prominent bass line. Bobby Nourmand cuts off all instrumentals to a dead silence before the echoing “Hey little sister what have you done?” sample from Billy Idol takes center stage. It then cuts straight into a quick break paired with modern day bobbing house synths. A perfect combination of new production tools with an old school 1980s vocal, Bobby Nourmand has himself another vintage remake.


Roughly half-way through the track he flexes his production skills with layers of percussion instrumentals and disco synths. Pieces include instrumentals taken from the original “White Wedding” track, and tweaking them to fit in Bobby Nourmand’s deep house style. Packed with classic electronic guitar riffs, a wonderful use of Billy Idol’s vocals, and a smooth house bassline “Sister” is a well crafted track of 2016.


Bobby Nourmand’s been playing with The Magician at his Potion Parties across the nation featuring stops at the Exchange LA and the Delano Beach Club for Miami Music Week. Most recently Bobby Nourmand was a guest in the The Magician’s Potion Party after-party for EDC NY this past Saturday May 14 at Webster Hall.


Take a listen to the full track below:



You can also download the track for free HERE.


Be on the lookout for more releases from Bobby Nourmand via his Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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